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May 9, 2019

A New Edition of the Classic Cookbook, Joy of Cooking, Coming November 2019 from Scribner

A new edition of Irma S. Rombauer's Joy of Cooking, one of America's best-known cookbooks, will be published by Scribner on November 12, 2019. Updated and rewritten by Rombauer's great-grandson and his wife, this is the first revision since 2006.

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Although considered one of the publishing industry's greatest success stories, the first edition of Joy of Cooking was a self-published passion project. Rombauer, at the request of her children, gathered the family's favorite recipes into a cookbook in 1931 and paid for its publication. It sold 3,000 copies. Five years later it was traditionally published by the now-defunct Bobbs-Merrill.

This new edition honors the cookbook's history, while updating the recipes and instructions for today's audience. Readers will find many new international, vegan, vegetarian, and gluten-free recipes, suggestions for cooking ahead, and tips for streamlining meal preparation. For the more ambitious cook, Joy of Cooking now includes directions for fermenting and curing foods, as well as expanded coverage of such topics as canning, cooking techniques, and ingredient selection. The revised and lengthened cocktail chapter includes Rombauer's Prohibition-era recipe for "gin and juice." ~TRP.

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