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About Ten Random Pages

Ten Random Pages is an online tool assisting readers and publishers of non-fiction books in the process of discovery, selection and promotion. The "ten random pages" concept is the brainchild of veteran non-fiction author Stephanie Hoover. It germinated from her realization that - unlike their fiction brethren - review opportunities for non-fiction books were sorely limited.

Stephanie's goals for Ten Random Pages are simple:

• offer intelligent, professionally edited reviews of non-fiction books, written by non-fiction writers and qualified, knowledgeable readers

• actually read, digest and analyze the books being reviewed - not use them solely as "click bait" for affiliate ads

• serve as a primary source for non-fiction-related news and author interviews

• concentrate on traditionally published works - yet also offer limited, exceptional self-published non-fiction well-deserved recognition

• encourage readers of all ages to experience and enjoy the vast selection of non-fiction titles published each year

Most importantly, Stephanie hopes that, rather than exclusively ordering books online, non-fiction enthusiasts will also visit libraries and local bookshops where they can thumb the pages, study the covers, and allow non-fiction books to truly speak their desire to be read.

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Ten Random Pages is audience-friendly and advertiser-limited. We cap advertising at three sponsors and our affiliate ads are always content-relevant. There are no pop-up ads and no auto-play videos. (No need to thank us but … you're welcome.)