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Some of the most creative authors are non-fiction writers. They uncover intriguing, multi-faceted gems of culture or politics, science or history, art or sport, and polish them into captivating, entertaining and enlightening narratives. It's no surprise that many of these titles end up on best seller lists - or that thousands of non-fiction books are released each year.

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So how do non-fiction readers sift and select all of those new releases? Where do you get reliable, professional reviews of non-fiction works? How do you access truly representative samples of non-fiction books before you buy them?

If your answer to these questions starts with an "A," you're half right. You can buy non-fiction books online - and if that's your preference, we're good with that (although we hope you shop at your local bookstore, too.)

What you won't find on that megasite, however, is our highly unique preview tool: ten random pages, chosen by the author, that he or she feels best exemplifies the mission and content of his or her book.

Marry this fresh approach with our objective, intelligent non-fiction reviews, news and author interviews and, we're certain you'll agree: there's simply no better reference guide for non-fiction readers than Ten Random Pages.

Ten Random Pages launches October 1, 2019. Mark your calendar, bookmark this page, and come back. Or, let us do the heavy lifting. Join our mailing list to receive important - but respectfully infrequent - email updates. (Or, if you're a publisher, check our submission guidelines here.)

Allow us to introduce you to the best non-fiction available today, ten random pages at a time. ~TRP

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