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Submission Guidelines

Effective June 2019 - Subject to Change

Ten Random Pages considers new, traditionally published non-fiction books (and a small percentage of self-published works) for comment and review.

There is no fee to submit traditionally published books for consideration; no fee to review traditionally published books; and no guarantee that all books received will be previewed or reviewed.

There is a reading fee for self-published books. There is no fee to review the self-published books we subsequently select and (as with traditionally published books) no guarantee of a positive critique. Further details are available here.

We're looking for:

• books about exceptionally engaging topics
• high-level, broadly-appealing writing and research
• works that encourage readers to view the subject matter in a fresh and thought-provoking way
press releases about acquisitions, awards, inclusion on well-recognized best seller lists, etc.
• especially interesting non-fiction author back stories

Here's what we DON'T want:

• books of a purely local nature (and if you DO submit a local book, sell us on why it has national/broad appeal)
• off-color books or those dealing with distasteful subjects, with the exception of successful comedic takes on those topics
• books explicitly describing or encouraging violence, aggression, racial or gender-based animosity, or hate of any kind
• highly sexualized content (except where moderately employed in works of a medical, psychological, criminal justice or self-help nature)

Please note… The owners of Ten Random Pages reserve the right to accept or reject submissions as they see fit. All decisions are final.

Both traditional publishers and self-publishers must agree to the following terms:

• We accept only hard copies for consideration - no eBooks, no PDF files.

• Ten Random Pages engages in, and expects, reciprocity. If we publish your review, we will provide its URL via email. You must share this review/URL with your social media followers. If we find you have agreed to this but not followed through (or later deleted the post) your review will be removed from our site and no further books will be accepted.

• Reviews, interviews, and other editorial content will be posted with our affiliate links of our choosing.

• We encourage civility. As such, there are no "public comments" sections included on any of our reviews or editorial pieces, as the monitoring of these is far too time-intensive.

• Authors (or their recognized, authorized representatives) MUST choose and approve the publication of the ten-page preview. We accept no liability (for claims of copyright infringement or other legal harm) arising from the publication of these pages.

• ARCs can be submitted any time. Non-fiction books submitted for our October 1, 2019 hard launch must have been published in April 2019 or later.

• Reviews will remain live on Ten Random Pages permanently unless the above social media agreement is violated, or other unforeseen circumstances arise.

[Self-Publishers: See our additional guidelines here.]

If, after reading these terms of service, you wish to submit a book for consideration, please contact us for shipping information.

The deadline to submit books for consideration for the October 1, 2019 launch is July 31, 2019 but, due to the high level of interest in Ten Random Pages, we strongly encourage earlier submissions.

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